Bit By Bit creation 2021

Creation led by Vincent & Simon Bruyninckx in collaboration with MOVEDBYMATTER

Performance in a 300-seat big top

It is with great pleasure that the renowned circus company the Collectif Malunés overcomes barriers and creates links between different disciplines. This is what the collective has in common with performance artist Kasper Vandenberghe’s company MOVEDBYMATTER.


In Bit by Bit, their first joint production, Vandenberghe and the Bruyninckx brothers find themselves in a balancing act between connection and resilience on the one hand, and the inevitable moment of falling; the experience of loss that lurks around every corner.


A production to be taken literally, rich in images from Vandenberghe, the brothers experiment with a particular circus technique in which they are completely dependent on each other for their own safety. It is the culmination of a year of artistic research and physical training, but for the brothers it is also the culmination of a life of sharing, loving and suffering.


They grew up together and then became circus artists at the same time. They have spent more time together than most couples of the same age. They then let go of each other bit by bit and experienced a great loss. Bit by Bit is, ultimately, an attempt to get closer.


For the first time, the fraternal couple meets in the ring


For this creation the brothers practice a special circus discipline. Each one holds a piece of leather between his teeth. From one mouth to the other, a steel cable is stretched like an umbilical cord that two young dogs would pull by biting it. Together, they search for the perfect balance, each one resting on only two chair legs.

They obviously have a close lineage, but one is of strong build with broad shoulders and the other is an athletic lightweight. Still, they must learn to carry each other. Each neck muscle is under great strain. When these muscles are overloaded, there is so much pressure on the skull that it seems to be compressed by hands of steel.

The muscles of the jaw have a bitter taste. However, the brothers are unable to let go of their grip when the steel cable is fully taught because they would fall over, breaking their teeth. Yet they hang several metres high on the wire rope, held up by the others’ mass. They dance together, play and fight with each other, constantly exploring the limits of their own selves and where the other begins.


This is how, bit by bit, a fraternity physically dissects itself. It can be reduced to a mischievous look of recognition taking on mythical proportions, as in Cain and Abel (brotherly hatred) or Castor and Pollux (brotherly love). They compete with drills, masons and monstrous motorbikes as with John Massis, they form the virile image of the other or try to escape from it completely. They openly confront what they have become thanks to and in spite of the other. As brothers, they remain condemned to one another.

The Team

Concept : Simon Bruyninckx, Vincent Bruyninckx & Kasper Vandenberghe

Performed by : Simon Bruyninckx & Vincent Bruyninckx

Directed by : Kasper Vandenberghe

Dramaturgy : Matthias Velle

Technicians : Anthony Caruana & Olivier Duris

Production : Jolijn Talpe

Administration : Eugènie Fraigneau & Wouter Vermeylen

Administrative Council : Pauwel Hertmans


Centre du cirque (BE), De Grote Post (BE), Jatka 78 (CZ), MiraMiro (BE), PERPLX (BE), Theater op de Markt (BE) & C-TAKT (BE).