Forever, happily... / creation 2016

Collective Creation

Show under the big tent

A show for all audiences

A circus show under the tent of the Collectif Malunés.

500 seats

7 artists on stage

12 people on tour

1 Little Red Riding Hood,

7 Grandmothers,

A mountain of Princesses,

2 cradles, 18 apples,

1 teeterboard, 1 massacre,

1 trapeze, 1 kiss,

4 fatalities, 50 feet of cellophane.

1 wild and marvellous unravelling.

They are 7 like the dwarves of Snow White and would like to gather all the Princesses under their tent! An enchanted forest, the Little Mermaid, Hansel and Gretel, and the whole of the fairy tale world. But from poisoned apples to lost slippers, the acrobats stumble on their Red Riding Hood, and their own tales take precedence over the story to be told. Not everything is wonderful here, and human relationships are as sordid as they are funny! Among the Malunés, the Princesses are suffocated by their robes, the wolves are terrorized, the Princes die of exhaustion, revealing the circus artists hidden underneath.


For our first show under a big top, we chose to take on fairy tales.

By using their recognisable characters, archetypes and stories, we benefit from a wealth of concrete situations, easy and quick to identify for the audience. We exhaust the superficiality of this « marvellous world », to reveal actors, contemporaries; alive, present, and ridiculous.

The acrobats and musicians of Forever, happily… no longer believe in the Little Red Riding Hood that they came to play. They take on other characters and reveal their own story, their own tale, one where human relationships are complex, where it is difficult to distinguish between differences, where clichés have tough skin, where women try to break free from the space that was designated to them and where men are looking for their own space.

Like a chain reaction, logical and absurd at the same time, the catalysts follow one another.

From missteps to cross-dressing, a wolf mask is enough to terrorize his partner, the passivity of a sleeping Princess is a game for boys, grandmothers are the harpies of young wolves.

To serve this tale, an eclectic musical soundscape, funereal, funky, where a hypnotic crooner, versatile acrobats and musicians move from one apparatus to another, mixing their disciplines by creating acrobatic hybrids. Silk or plastic costumes, a bare scenography where the scrap metal of the aerial and Korean cradles serve as grandiose castle doors, a sober and naked stage with magical trap doors.

The aim is to offer spectators a full and abundant space, but also to play with the fable, with the artifice of performance, with the magic of these wondrous tales, as with the reality of the actors in play and the bodies of the circus performers. Stars and sweat. The circus!


Authors – Interpretes : Simon Bruyninckx, Juliette Correa, Lola Devault-Sierra,
Luke Horley, Gabriel Lares, Arne Sabbe, Nickolas Van Corven

Director ​:​ ​Dominique​ ​Bettenfeld
Assistantes​ ​artistiques :​ ​Esse​ ​Vanderbruggen et​ ​Floriane​ ​Soyer

Costumes :​ ​Mélinda​ ​Mouslim​ ​et​ ​Emma​ ​Auzanneau Directeur​ ​technique​ ​:​ ​Anthony​ ​Caruana
Eclairagiste :​ ​Claude​ ​Couffin

Technical direction : Anthony Caruana
Technical​ ​light and set​ ​:​ ​Olivier Duris et Arjan​ ​Hendrickx

Administration​ ​/​ ​production :​ ​Eugénie​ ​Fraigneau
Diffusion :​ ​Anne-Agathe​ ​Prin-Waerenburgh


Subsidy, Vlaamse Overheid (BE)

Subsidy, Ministry of Culture and Communication – DGCA (FR)

Subsidy, Region of Poitou-Charentes (FR)

Subsidy, SPEDIDAM (FR)

Co-production & residency, Theater op de Markt – Dommelhof (BE)

Co-production & residency, PERPLX (BE)

Coproduction & residency, A4 (FR)

Co-Production & Residency, Transversales (FR)

Coproduction & residency, Circa (FR)

Residency, Circus Centrum (BE)

Residency, CREAC Bègles (FR)

Residency, Atelier Archaos (FR)

Funding, Les Arts Sceniques (BE)

Crowdfunding, KissKissBankBank and Circolito (BE) (FR) (UK) (NL) (DE)


With the help of Cirque Gones (FR), DOK (BE), Cirque en scène (FR), Circolito (BE), Bastid’Art (FR)