Sens Dessus Dessous / Creation 2009

Collectieve Creation

Street Show

The show is a rhythmic game of entrances and exits, falls and stunts, appearances and disappearances, like in a classical farce.

Thanks to the addition of circus techniques, the farce goes further, resulting in a show of layered quality. The tone of the show is set by a familial relationship between the characters of the troupe, composed of a young girl with a southern temperament and three energetic boys.

The show is punctuated by the appearances of Mademoiselle Française hesitating over which outfit to wear. She defends her version of the story of Eve and the forbidden fruit. Eve’s irritated monologue leaves its mark on the show where apples resound like a punishment, but also like a game.

A touch of absurdity reinforces the imagery of the show:

Apples lodged in the mouth like piglets ready to roast, Mademoiselle is pulled into the air and onto the trapeze, a duo dances in a circle, a giant hammer falls.

The ending, as energetic as it is aesthetic, sums up the moment of pleasure taken in performance; unpretentious, simple, honest, almost naked. The combination and contrast of French and Flemish cultures is humorous, spicy and energizes the show.

The theatrical aspect and the choice of music emphasize the quality of a show turned on its head.


A caravan blushes.


A swinging trapeze swings out its woes.


A bench dances  wistfully,


with a gentle laugh – as light as air.


Thrown into the air, flattened on the ground;


this apple tasting is wildly spectacular.


An Explosive Spectacle. A Circus turned on its head.



Creative Team: Simon Bruyninckx, Vincent Bruyninckx, Juliette Correa, Arne Sabbe

Outside-eye: Jan Daems

Artists who participated in the 2014 & 2015 tours: Alan Sartori, Lola Devault-Sierra, Nickolas Vancorven, Robin Zobel