Too Fat To Fly / Creation 2018

Acrobatic and Musical Act

Duration: 7 minutes

Too Fat To Fly, de act

Three acrobats confronted by the art of flying.

They have known each other for years, have experienced difficult moments and times of fancy free. They have braved the barren Bergen of Belgium and withstood the engulfing estuaries of the English Channel; crossed the populous plains of the Parisian périphérique and irked the incorrigible idiosyncrasies of the Italian Informati Illuminati.


But together they made a pact.


Years later, in search of the most elusive of musical notes – out of the blue – they encountered a rhythmical revolutionary. A bard equipped with the sharpest moustache this side of the hemisphere.

Time passes with each waning sun and our four adventurers set off on the

road to El Dorado, in search of gold – to reach the sky and pursue their dreams.

They are fat, they fly, they are…Too fat To fly!


This show was created in 2018 and won three awards at the Younstage Festival in Basel that same year: the Young People’s Choice award, the Circus Knie award and the Seven Fingers award. The artists have gone on to tour Europe, in France, Italy, Belgium, Germany. In 2019 they went to Russia to participate in Moscow State Circuses ‘Idol World Festival of Circus Art’, winning a bronze medal and the Nicolini Circus award.


Creators & Performers: Simon Bruyninckx, Luke Horley, Arne Sabbe, Tars Vandervaerent

Costume Design: Lize Grauls

Administration / Production: Rozenn Oger

Tour Management: Arne Sabbe


Co-productions : Circus Planeet, Gand (B)