ALONE, NOT QUITE ALONE / creation 2017

Creation of Vincent Bruyninckx

Under the Big tent

Acrobatic Cyr Wheel Act / Duration: 7mins


After 6 years of adventures with the Collectif Malunés, Vincent decided to isolate himself for 3 years at the Ecole Supérieure des Arts du Cirque in Brussels. Filling his time with beers, journal jottings and training clothes, he eventually developed his own virtuoso language with his Cyr wheel, where the border between manipulating and being manipulated by this object is unclear. 

A dusty old jacket, a big metal wheel, a small fragile body and an absurd universe form the basis of this act.

« An anonymous cartoonish character attempts to make sense of his ever changing surroundings. Movement, music and cyr wheel meet and blend together in a sparkling, energetic, yet absurd, seven minutes. »

The act won 3 awards at the prestigious festival ‘Cirque de Demain 39’ in Paris: Bronze Medal, Annie Fratellini Prize, and the Prix de la Ville de Paris. Two months later he received the GOP prize at the Youngstage Festival in Basel.


Concept : Vincent Bruyninckx

Director : Kasper Vandenberghe

Dramaturgy : Matthias Velle

Techniciens : Anthony Caruana & Olivier Duris

Production : Jolijn Talpe

Administration : Eugènie Fraigneau & Wouter Vermeylen

 Administrative council : Pauwel Hertmans


Centre du cirque (BE), De Grote Post (BE), Jatka 78 (CZ), MiraMiro (BE), PERPLX (BE), Theater op de Markt (BE) & C-TAKT (BE).