Big tops renting

Collectif Malunés offers you its Big-Top for all kinds of events :


Weddings, baptisms, concerts, funerals, exhibitions, festivals, shows…

The Big-Top

Structure: 2 masts connected with an arch, 4 corniches


Height: 10m under dome


Canvas: Bordeaux interior/exterior, opaque


Usable area: 570m^2


Capacity: 1200 people


Bleachers: 500 seats


Runway: Floor 50cm high with 10.50m diameter


Configuration in the round


Surface: Anchoring of the tent = 35 x 35m.


Half a metre for safety must be provided (from the 4m long stakes)

Ask for an estimate adapted to your request:

The Dome

Structure: 22 wooden masts carrying a 7m diameter dome

Diameter: 14.5m

Height: 5.40m

Usable area: 165m^2

Capacity: 360 people standing


option 1: Translucent cotton with transparent windows

option 2: Opaque PVC, white exterior/black interior

Free Perimeter: 18mx18m


A security perimeter of 4m wide around the marquee must be provided

Ask for an estimate adapted to your request: