Currently Touring

Forever Happily...
Created in 2016

Collective creation – Big-Top Show

They are 7 like the dwarves of Snow White and would like

to gather all the Princesses under their tent!

We Agree To Disagree
Premiering in April 2020

Collective creation – street show

What does a collective creation look like

when we’re all so different?

Currently in Creation

There Are No Small Details
Future Creation

Creation led by Gabriel Larès & Ayla Moes

A show for indoor spaces

A hunt for details…

A sensual experience…

Bit by Bit
Premiering in April 2021

Creation by Simon & Vincent Bruyninckx

and Moved by Matter – Big-Top Show

The physical dissection of a fraternal duo.

Short Performances

Too Fat To Fly
Created in 2018

Creation by Arne Sabbe, Luke Horley, Simon Bruynincx

& Tars Van Der Vaerent – Suits All Venues

This number was created in 2018 and has won three awards at the Younstage Festival in Basel and two at the Idol Festival in Moscow.

Alone, not quite alone
Created in 2017

Created by Vincent Bruyninckx

Indoor Show


A dusty old jacket, a large metal wheel, a small,

fragile body and an absurd universe.


Sens Dessus Dessous
Created in 2009

Collective creation

4 different individuals with a common dream.

An artist’s dream…