customized projects

The Collectif Malunés loves new experiences!

We are open and motivated to work on different types of projects outside of our own shows.

We wish to continue developing the intimacy that we set up when we arrive on a site, a square, a parking lot, or in a theatre…


Whether that be in association with one of our shows, our tent, or simply a one-off desire, we can think and adapt to your proposals.

Site-specific – taking inspiration from the venue – bespoke creation – exchanges with local companies and enterprises: we listen to your desires and create collectively to propose to you a variety of outreach work, performances, interludes, concerts, etc.




Roeselare Maze

The Roeselare International Circus and Street Theatre Festival is organised every three years by De Spil.

For the 2018 edition, the Collectif Malunés took up residency in the main square for ten days with their big top. In collaboration with Bolwerk, they built a labyrinth where the audience could dive in before and after each performance of Forever, happily…

De Tuin der Lusten, a socio-artistic project lead by De Spil, worked throughout the year with a large number of volunteers on this unique project. Inspired by the collective’s show, they built a treehouse, created an enchanted forest, a fairy-tale garden and created a plethora of characters from distorted fairy tales to populate and bring to life this labyrinth.

Together with the De Spil team, 150 people participated in this socio-artistic event ‘Tuin Der Lusten’, including 25 local residents, and 15 amateur unicycle artists from Woesh.

The Collectif Malunés also invited other artists to take part in this adventure: the acrobats of Les Frères Troubouch, a trapeze artist and drummer from La cie La Burrasca and the tight-rope artist Johan Wuyts.

After an intense week of collaboration, creation and construction, the public got lost in this labyrinth filled with all sorts of crazy and enchanting characters, and witnessed an explosive final apotheosis after the show Forever, happily…

Artists associated with the project:

Ruben & Servaas Benoit, Pauline Bourguère, Simon Bruyninckx, Juliette Correa, Lola Devault-Sierra, Valentin Duchamp, Viola Grazioli, Luke Horley, Johan Knuts & De Schaduw, Gabriel Larès, Arne Sabbe, Nickolas Vancorven, Johan Wuyts, Robin Zobel

Perplx 2018 / Codarts

Codarts Circus Arts School in Rotterdam is a leading international circus school.

At the invitation of PERPLX, Codarts students and the Collectif Malunés met to create a special summer evening programme together.

The week before the festival, a selection of ten final year students from Codarts came to work on their acts under the Malunés’ big top,

where their universe collided and mixed with that of the Malunés. A fresh and surprising start to a new fairy tale…


During the festival, the audience witnessed a new experience and enjoyed a thrilling show full of young talent.

From and with: Arne Sabbe, Luke Horley, Gabriel Larés, Lola Devault-Sierra, Simon Bruyninckx

du Collectif Malunés et dix artistes de cirque du monde entier

Artistic Coaching: Thomas Falk

Production Support: Mirjam Dales

Thanks to: Korzo – La Haye

They also travelled through :

Circus Magique, in Ledegem (BE) and Smells like Circus at Gand – Circuscentrum (BE)