There Are No Small Details / Sortie march 2022

Creation led by Gabriel Larès & Ayla Moes

A show for indoor spaces

Gaby and Ayla defend the same values, each in their own now intertwined fields. They want to put music and circus in unison, merge the lifts and share the poetry. Between children’s dreams and adult realities, this duo travels and seeks a balance.

The space of There Are No Small Details is fragile, it has been thought of as an ecosystem composed of four human elements and a rare musical instrument, reinvented for the occasion: a giant theremin. This space is not very expansive, but very expressive. It is almost impossible to move in this space without causing a sound to be emitted or a light to change. Each movement has a sound and light consequence that is too visible and palpable not to be considered.
On the stage, two of the four humans who inhabit this place are great sound and light technicians, the other two are acrobatic musicians.

In this new world imagined by the artists, metaphors and exaggerations can be seen and heard, like a stroke of magic highlighter, in this environment the details then appear, and even dominate. It is a question of exploring an elsewhere by playing with the perceptions of rhythm and movement thus illuminated. Everything will be deconstructed: the rubbing, the breathing, the screams, the shadows, the drops of perspiration… The emphasis on details will be total, offering a gateway to what was previously invisible, this constraint will be manipulated as a game, a challenge and a performance.

In this seemingly delicate, infinitely sensitive context, either the unknown paralyses us and we do nothing, or this environment arouses our curiosity and we do everything. We chose to do everything in a very specific time: 3000 seconds and not one more.


Created and performed by: Gabriel Larès, Ayla Moes

Conception giant theremin, artificiel intelligence : Franz Clochard et CB4Tech

Lighting design: Olivier Duris

Sound design: Anthony Dascola

Director: Dominique Bettenfeld


Gabriel Larès :

+33 6 20 13 15 39

Ayla Moes :

+33 7 83 20 82 67

Ellia Larès :


Co-production :

Perplx – Courtrai (BE)

Subvention :

Culture Connectée Nouvelle aquitaine DRAC / Région (FR)

Supports :

CIAM, Centre International Des Arts en Mouvement — Aix-en-Provence (FR)

Théâtre  Sylvia MONFORT — Paris (FR)

Miramiro — Gand (BE)

Theater op de Markt-Dommelhof (BE)