We Agree To Disagree / Premiere 2020

Collective Creation &Street Show

Step into our territory and become actors in our interactive circus experience.

Adhere to our values, respect our rules, admire our leaders.

Receive your orders and you will be able to participate in the construction of our performance.

The show will be the result of your impulses, your reactions, your participation or insurrection.

A participative show, where you will have your say. You may even have the chance to become a figurehead! But be careful not to get locked up in prison.

We Agree To Disagree speaks of the absurdity of the current state of affairs. Insolence, divergence, Belgian humour and political incorrectness are the ingredients to fight conformity and help the seeds of madness grow.

This show is a reflection on the utopian idea of democracy, which can be good as it can be bad, leading to ever greater inequalities, and even to the extremes of dictatorship.


It is an attempt to answer the question that we ask ourselves as citizens and members of a collective: Can we find a way, on this great human adventure, to live equally and in harmony?

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© Marie Monteiro

_ Intention _

Using our experience as a collective, we want to talk about the different ways in which humans succeed or fail to live and work together. We want to move towards a satire of known and lived social organisations, to take on roles and immerse ourselves in different political forms that humans (and why not animals) have already used to co-exist (democracy, communism, anarchy…).

Even though the Collective came together over 10 years ago, and has created and lived together, the question of how to function as a collective is still relevant, primordial and becomes the centre of our new creative research.

We want to highlight our successes and disagreements and confront the audience with them.

Is collective creation possible when we are all so different?

How can we make choices and make the right decisions?

Making concessions, trusting each other, manipulating individuals, masses, convincing the group, voting, choosing, rallying against one another.

This creation will be conducted as an experiment, a mise en abîme of society: using the public as a citizen, or member of a community, where it would sometimes be an actor and decision-maker, or even an executioner, sometimes a spectator, passive or even manipulated.

It is through this new project We agree to disagree that the Collectif Malunés wishes to offer a contemporary, grating and poignant show on the question of « living together ».


Auteurs – Interprètes : Simon Bruyninckx, Juliette Correa, Lola Devault-Sierra, Luke Horley, Gabriel Lares, Arne Sabbe, Nickolas Van Corven, Mohamed Keita

Oeil extérieur : Bram Dobbelaere

Constructeur : Joppe Wouters

Directeur technique : Anthony Caruana, Alexis Chauvelier
Eclairagiste : Olivier Duris

Logistique : Damien Lenet


Administration / Production : Eugénie Fraigneau

Diffusion : Emma Ketels 

J – 1 : Arrivé & Montage
J : Spectacle 

J + 1 : Démontage 


Co-productions : L’OARA (Office Artistique Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine), CNAREP sur le Pont – La Rochelle (FR), PNC Le Palc – Châlons-en-Champagne (FR), PNC L’Agora – Boulazac (FR), Perplx – Courtrai (BE), Miramiro – Gand (BE), Theater op de Markt – Dommelhof (BE), Festival de Chassepierre (BE)
Soutien (CZ)

Financements : Vlaamse Overheid (BE), SPEDIDAM, ADAMI

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Emma Ketels
+32 495 89 31 63


Eugénie Fraigneau
+33 (0) 6 13 98 08 64


Anthony Caruana
+33 (0) 6 83 86 67 62